Tank-less Water Heaters

No more scalding showers when someone starts to wash the dishes or flush the toilet, when you are in the middle of rinsing your hair! THAT’S RIGHT!

Tankless water heaters – such as Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters – allow for multitasking of your water usage. Tankless water heaters supply endless hot water and can be hung on a wall. Rinnai systems may require larger gas lines, special venting or additional electric circuits that add to the upfront costs. However, a Rinnai tankless water heater has a life expectancy of up to 20 years and since these systems only heat water when you need it, you can reduce your water heating bills by as much as 30 percent. Known for their convenience, energy cost savings, space savings and reliability, tankless water heaters are another great option.


Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters are know for their:


Energy Cost Savings

Space Savings


Rinnai System

Ultra Series Water Heater


  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Energy Factor of .95 for Natural Gas and Propane
  • Built-in Rinnai Circ-LogicTM recirculation program cycles an external pump at pre-set intervals and temperatures to maximize efficiency and comfort (see brochure for more details)
  • Enhanced scale detection lessens possibility of serious, long-term damage to unit
  • Temperature lock function prevents accidental or unauthorized changes to water temperature
  • Complies with South Coast Air Quality Management District 14 ng/J or 20 ppm NOx emission levels