Service Plan

Please click the link below to download, fill out and email the service agreement. You may also choose to print the form out and have it ready for us when we have scheduled an appointment. 

Preventative Maintenance Plan

$245 one system $99 each additional system

HVAC Service Agreement-Fillable

This agreement will provide, twice annually, a qualified technician to check your HVAC equipment for proper operation & efficiency, Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. excepts holidays. As part of our maintenance agreement repairs performed Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. except holidays will be charged at our normal service rates, less 10% off the total invoice cost. Repairs made after normal business hours, on Saturday, Sunday, and on holidays will be charged at the appropriate over time rates, less 10% off the total invoice cost. Under this agreement, filters if provided by home owner, will be replaced or cleaned as needed during your maintenance check. If filters are needed, RPI will ask prior authorization from member to purchase, install & invoice the member accordingly. Below, you will find the routine checks we perform twice annually.

• Check compressor amperage draw
• Check condenser fan motor & shield
• Check condenser fan blade
• Oil condenser fan motor (as needed)
• Check condenser fan motor amperage draw
• Chemically clean condenser coil
• Check compressor contacts
• Check compressor safety overloads
• Check electric relays and capacitors
• Check refrigerant and suction pressure
• Check evaporator coil
• Check and clean drain trap and line
• Check blower wheel
• Oil blower motor as needed
• Check blower amperage draw
• Check wheel rotation
• Check thermostat operation
• Check electric heating and elements
• Check electrical connections
• Check reversing valve
• Check defrost control and operation
• Check emergency heat switch and operation
• Check outdoor thermostat and operation
• Change and/or clean filter

Thank you for choosing Royal Plus as you service provider.